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Local walks from Casa degli Orsi


Apart from wandering through the village itself, there are lots of delightful walks on the local small roads. They have fantastic views across to the Alps, Mon Viso and Mont Blanc.


If you walk down into the village, past the shop and trattoria, after about 100 metres there’s a road up to the left, marked San Quirico. Follow this, veering right at the junction, all the way up to San Quirico, where opposite the church you turn right along V. Verdi. Eventually you reach a junction, by another church. Turn right onto the road back to Orsara Bormida.


If you drive to Ricaldone (to buy wine) there’s an excellent walk up to Alice bel Colle where there are wonderful views. The road from Ricaldone to Strevi is also good for walking, surrounded by UNESCO listed hillside vineyards.


A favourite all-day walk is from Orsara Bormida to Cremolino – for lunch – and back. First, walk to Morsasco, then on a narrow high road to Cremolino, with stunning views. Then from Cremolino to Tresobbio, then back to Orsara, about 18/19 km in total.


There are many more walks and full information and itineraries are in a folder in Casa degli Orsi.


Photos: Top left: Winter walks are magnificent, often in full warm sunshine

Bottom left:Typical local countryside

Centre: Our village of Orsara Bormida

Right: The antiques market in Casale Monferrato

Even in mid-winter, it's possble to take lovely walks hig up in the vineyards or from one hill-top village to another.

Each Sunday there are big antique markets that can easily occupy you for a couple of hours.

There is a short 15 minute ewalk round our village as well as other two, three or four kilometre (or more) walks ditrectly from the house.

There is a folder with plenty of suggestions is the house.

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