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About the Piedmont region


Piedmont is situated in the North Western corner of Italy bordering France and Switzerland between the Alps and the Riviera. To the south is Liguria and the Mediterranean coast.


Piedmont is largely a rural area. However, its three cities of Genoa, Milan and Turin are little more than an hour's drive from our village.


Gently rolling hills, tiny hilltop villages and a broad fertile landscape of vineyards and fruit orchards make Piedmont an irresistible and perfect place for a holiday.


The packaged tourism industry has failed to discover this well-kept secret. Native Italians, on the other hand, have always loved the region and many have vacation properties here.


Renowned for its great cuisine, Piedmont is very seductive, like its truffles and chocolate cherry pralines. It’s one of Italy’s most diverse and productive regions - corn and rice grow in the fertile plains of the river Po, apricots, peaches, figs and kiwi abound in Cuneo, Langhe is noted for its hazelnuts, and the Monferrato hills are world famous for their wines.


The climate is Mediterranean and mild - the Italian Riviera is only 30 miles away. The winters are short, and night temperatures in January and February only occasionally fall below zero. Spring and autumn are long and warm. The summers are hot and dry, although the hilltops are ventilated by a pleasant sea breeze.


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